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YOU GUYS!! it is so crazy to believe we've almost been married for 2 months and i am just NOW getting around to blogging a few pictures of it!! it was the most beautiful day. we were sealed in the Saint George Temple, for time & all eternity. it was the most beautiful experience. we had our reception in my aunt & uncles beautiful backyard. everything i ever dreamed of came TRUE! and i have to thank my momma and sister for that. we danced the night away and honestly, did not want to leave! when we got in our car to drive off we both said "wait, lets go back i dont want it to end!!!" it was the BEST day ever.

Now that we've been married for a sec, i've fallen even more in love with Mitchell and the life we have together. falling asleep cuddling, making dinner together, making big decisions, praying together, buying a house, constantly trying to make each other feel the loved has never been such an adventure. and it's SO FUN.

hope you all enjoy a little piece of our wedding day!! xo


a very thankful heart

thanksgiving weekend is over & i am finally taking a second to tell you all how thankful i am for this boy.  it was his birthday this weekend too, which i dont even find ironic because i think everyone that knows him is thankful for him, so its fitting ;) i had no idea what an impact he would have on my life 4 years ago, (yes 4. i was notified on Facebook it was our 4 year friendiversary yesterday ;) ) we had quite the relationship at first, we didn't talk too much. but yet, told each other every detail of our lives when we did. as if it was natural to cleave to one another. fast forward 4 years, we've both been on LDS missions, written our feelings through letters for 2 years, and at last met again, and i instantly knew, that he would be mine forever. i'm very thankful for this handsome boy. not every man can put up with a crazy woman like me. but i'm forever thankful he does! hope your thanksgiving was one you will always remember! xo

two things:

hello! been a minute ;) i have been the worst at blogging this year. forrrrrgive me! BUT i had to update you a bit & tell you about something I've been loving.
first, lifes taken me in every direction. from finding a balance in myself, to really pursuing my passions. i graduate hair school in just ONE month and in that time i have so much to prepare my mind for. starting january i will:
be moving
starting my job(s)
finding a house 
paying more BILLS 
and on top of that........ 


so pls! from a sister to you, give me all your advice. just in general. change is good, i know that. i love it. but for some reason this change coming up has got all my nerves in a WAD. 

on another note, THIS WATCH! it has become my favorite and surprisingly matches everything in my closet. its a win win. here is the link for their awesome watches for you and yours! 

hope your spirits are up this fine monday! 
xo, ayns



I am seriously obsessed with all the colorful pumpkins this year! FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. and not to mention my cute shirt from @kingdomandstate (instagram) its become my favorite tee to slip right on!