a very thankful heart

thanksgiving weekend is over & i am finally taking a second to tell you all how thankful i am for this boy.  it was his birthday this weekend too, which i dont even find ironic because i think everyone that knows him is thankful for him, so its fitting ;) i had no idea what an impact he would have on my life 4 years ago, (yes 4. i was notified on Facebook it was our 4 year friendiversary yesterday ;) ) we had quite the relationship at first, we didn't talk too much. but yet, told each other every detail of our lives when we did. as if it was natural to cleave to one another. fast forward 4 years, we've both been on LDS missions, written our feelings through letters for 2 years, and at last met again, and i instantly knew, that he would be mine forever. i'm very thankful for this handsome boy. not every man can put up with a crazy woman like me. but i'm forever thankful he does! hope your thanksgiving was one you will always remember! xo

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