two things:

hello! been a minute ;) i have been the worst at blogging this year. forrrrrgive me! BUT i had to update you a bit & tell you about something I've been loving.
first, lifes taken me in every direction. from finding a balance in myself, to really pursuing my passions. i graduate hair school in just ONE month and in that time i have so much to prepare my mind for. starting january i will:
be moving
starting my job(s)
finding a house 
paying more BILLS 
and on top of that........ 


so pls! from a sister to you, give me all your advice. just in general. change is good, i know that. i love it. but for some reason this change coming up has got all my nerves in a WAD. 

on another note, THIS WATCH! it has become my favorite and surprisingly matches everything in my closet. its a win win. here is the link for their awesome watches for you and yours! 

hope your spirits are up this fine monday! 
xo, ayns

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