so this used to be all about "aynsley ovard", but then i realized there are far more important people, things, and inspiring stories in the world that we'd ALL love to hear about. tell me i'm right, am i right?! i started this blog to get new light, inspiration, and perspectives of how to find the good vibes in times of turmoil and in the good. and of course, fashion. because that stuff just ain't leavin anytime soon.

so, like i said, i am wanting help from all you friends out there! email me anything about you! what keeps you positive, what gives you good vibes, what inspires you, and straight up, WHAT MAKES YOU---- YOU.

people care about YOU more than you think they do. so hopefully, this will be your chance to shine, to inspire, and to become who you want to be. because hey, we're all we got in the world. togetha we'll learn.

don't expect to look at pictures of me daily, but you can expect me to share with you how i've come to know whats true in my life, what brings me the "real joy", the "real goodness" in life that i can't go on without sharing. and last, i hope you smile a lil while being here.


  1. Love it, Ayns. Love it all. Proud of you for being such a real, real light. XOXOX!